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  • Indemnity feedback from Newcastle and North Tyneside LMC
  • Winter Indemnity Scheme
  • BMA briefing on state-backed indemnity scheme.
  • State-backed indemnity for GPs – an update from the BMA
  • GMC guidance on indemnity
  • BMA GP guidance on indemnity
  • Insurance versus Indemnity
  • NHS England Indemnity scheme 2016
  • RCGP indemnity FAQs 2016
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    Indemnity feedback from Newcastle and North Tyneside LMC

    Newcastle and North Tyneside LMC has kindly provided NESG with the following feedback, following on from indemnity discussions and queries raised at our last members meeting:

    Do locums have to pay a levy? Answer: No, as the practice where they do locum work would have already paid a levy. However; in recognition of the excellent work LMC does in these difficult times if anyone wishes to make a voluntary contribution then they are welcome. The Levy and voluntary donations will help keep the LMC sustainable.

    Why is the work done at extended hours and hubs not super-annuable? Answer: The fees for this sort of work takes into account factors such as super-annuation so the fees is inclusive. However; if a locum wishes to complete the forms and makes both the contributions from the fees received; the federation is happy to sign the Form B. The contact in Newcastle is

    What is the difference between hub work and extended hours? Answer: Currently we do not have hub work in Newcastle. It is operating in the extended hours format. If you need any further details in this regard; Dr Steve Summers is happy to be contacted.

    The LMC is planning to arrange an open meeting in February 2018 following on from the success of this year's meeting. It will be a good meeting for the locums and salaried GPs to attend and get a feel of the LMC's work.

    As NESG is unable to email the LMC newsletters on monthly basis; LMC would be grateful if NESG can provide a link to the LMC website, information and newsletters on their website as suggested in our NESG meeting.

    LMC would like to take this opportunity to invite all the locums and salaried GPs to register their details with their local LMC so they can receive regular communication and are on the database for future LMC elections so they don't miss out on voting. They can email their details to Joanna at - She is very helpful. She is the point of contact if you need any information regarding Newcastle North Tyneside LMC.

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    Winter Indemnity Scheme

    The Winter Indemnity Scheme for GPs (2017) has been launched today. The scheme has been launched to support GP out of hours services to operate effectively through the winter period by ensuring that additional indemnity costs do not become a disincentive to GPs to work in out of hours / unscheduled care services. This will support GPs wanting to start working within a OOH setting , or support those wanting to increase their commitment by working additional sessions in an out of hours or unscheduled care setting, including in NHS 111 services.

    More information about the scheme and how it can be accessed can be found on the NHS England website by clicking the link above.

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    BMA briefing on state-backed indemnity scheme.

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    State-backed indemnity for GPs – an update from the BMA

    Please see a re-posting of Deputy Chair, Krishan Aggarwal’s article on indemnity on behalf of the BMA sessional GP subcommittee.

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    GMC guidance on indemnity

    Statutory requirement for doctors to have insurance or indemnity
    We know doctors work hard to deliver good quality healthcare. But sometimes, things go wrong. If a patient has suffered harm as a result of a doctor’s negligence, it’s important that doctors have adequate insurance or indemnity to compensate the patient.

    Good medical practice – paragraph 63 already requires doctors to have insurance or indemnity in place where necessary.

    Parliament passed new healthcare legislation in 2013, which meant we had to change our regulations. The new regulations, which came into effect on 1 August 2015, give us powers to check whether doctors have appropriate insurance or indemnity in place.

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    BMA GP guidance on indemnity

    Created: 28 April 2016

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    Insurance versus Indemnity

    Correspondence between Regional LMC and the 3 MDOs 2016

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    NHS England Indemnity scheme 2016

    GP indemnity support scheme – questions and answers

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    RCGP indemnity FAQs 2016

    RCGP Article about Indemnity at Scale

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