NESG - North East Sessional GPs


This section of our website aims to have up to date information about working as a locum, salaried GP, Flexible Career scheme, retainers scheme etc.

(As we become aware of changes we update the site, however we would remind members that NESG runs as a peer support group and the committee are working in a voluntary capacity and therefore there may be changes that occur that we are not made aware of and therefore it is each members responsibility to clarify information found on the site as being the most up to date version.)

It can be isolating working as the only non-principal in a practice- whether as locum, or employed GP. How do you know what your are entitled to, and how to go about negotiating ? What do other GPs in similar circumstances to you experience ?

Some of the answers will be on the pages in this section and others are best found out by attending our monthly meetings and asking other non-principals who attend.

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