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We offer a service to advertise medical job vacancies to our members. We do not advertise non-medical jobs as we only offer membership to doctors.

How our VACANCY advertising service works:
1. Completing this form, will, once activated by our moderators, result in an email to all members registered to receive them, and a posting on our vacancies page.
2. EXPIRY: the vacancy remains visible on the website until the date you enter for "Date when advert will be deleted from website (LOCUMS); Closing date for applications (JOBS)". The maximum time a vacancy can be advertised is 8 weeks.
3. ALTERATIONS: This web service is free to practices however we are unable to accommodate any requests to edit adverts (for example change free text fields or alter expiry dates). Should this be required a fee of £30 is payable in advance. Please contact if you require this to arrange payment. NESG does NOT offer the facility to remove adverts early in the event that you wish to cease to advertise. If in doubt you may wish to choose an earlier closing date and re-advertise in the event of lack of interest.
4. MULTIPLE DATES: If you are advertising multiple dates in one month please enter them all in the same entry with a single expiry date.
We do not accept adverts from commercial locum or employment agencies.

HAVING DIFFICULTY RECRUITING LOCUMS ? consider looking at our "Good Practice when hiring a Locum" page.

WORRIED ABOUT FILLING A SALARIED VACANCY ? Our salaried GP page contains some tips on issues your applicants may wish to know. Please note it is now a requirement to use the BMA/GPC model contract in GMS AND PMS practices. See salaried page for links to regulatory references.

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