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  • Portfolio working

    Many GPs are interested in getting involved in a range of activities but may not be aware of how to go about this. These opportunities are often advertised via practices so GP locums and GPs new to an area may not find out easily. This page provides a starting point for enthusiastic GPs wishing to take on new roles. There are NESG members who are GP locums and also working as GP tutors, VTS course organisers, appraisers, medical student tutors etc.

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    How do I get involved in out of hours work ?

    Out of Hours services are provided locally by:

    Newcastle GPServices: info@newcastle-gp-services
    Chief Executive: Christian Townend
    0191 2336339

    Admin: Claudia Kern
    0191 2521616

    Gateshead CBC:
    Manager: Louise Keeler
    0191 4455862

    0300 0134885

    NE Ambulance Service:
    0191 4302000

    Work tends to involve: telephone triage, patients attending Urgent Care Centres and carrying out home visits - usually accompanied by a driver.

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    GP tutor

    GP tutors are involved in organising and commissioning education for GPs, and providing strategic leads on appraisal. They work as part of Health Education North East. Vacancies are advertised from time to time by the. Posts are usually 1-2 weekly sessions.

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    Vocational training scheme -group leader or course organisers

    These roles provide an exciting opportunity to work with other educationalists in leading groups of GP registrars and organising their teaching.
    Vacancies are advertised either through the schemes or through HENE.

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    Opportunities for GPs to be involved in medical student teaching at Newcastle University

    Phase2 (years 3-5)
    • 3rd year teaching every Wednesday morning in groups of 2-4
    • 5th year teaching individually in 3 week blocks in the autumn
    • 4th year student selected components of 6 weeks in the spring
    All of these opportunities are practice-based and the whole practice would need to agree to take the students with one lead teacher who can be a partner or salaried.
    Payment is made per student taken. Contact for further information
    For more experienced phase 2 teachers there may be the opportunity to become a Senior Medical Tutor, with responsibility for recruiting, supporting and training teachers in one geographical area. There are currently around 12 phase 2 SMTs.

    Phase 1 (years 1 and 2)
    • GP Tutors teach small groups of Phase 1 students on a regular basis during University term time based both at Newcastle and Durham (Queens Campus). They are currently filled, but please email or if you would like to be informed of future availabilities of these posts. They do not require a GP to work in a fixed practice, but do require relevant teaching experience.
    • For more experienced Phase 1 teachers there may also be the opportunity to become a Senior Medical Tutor, with responsibility to develop, teach and manage aspects of the Phase 1 curriculum.
    • There is also the opportunity to teach some ad hoc classroom-based communication sessions for a set payment per session. This is a good way to gain relevant experience for future GP Tutor posts, or for GP teachers who would struggle to commit to regular sessions to develop their clinical teaching repertoire. Teachers’ contact details are held on a database known as the ‘supergrid’ and session availability is requested depending on our requirements and teachers’ interests. If you are interested in participating, please email a current CV to, with a covering letter explaining your interest in teaching medical students. Supergrid teachers may also be offered the opportunity to train as paid markers for Family/Patient Studies and ethics essays.
    • GPs in practice can host Phase 1 students in pairs for half-day visits throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. A named GP (either partner of salaried) takes responsibility for organising the sessions. Practices can offer as many or as few sessions as they wish per semester. Visits are paid on a per-session basis. Please contact or for further details.

    Voluntary and Pilot sessions:
    For less experienced teachers (or anyone who’s interesting in trying something a bit different) there are also some opportunities to teach voluntarily to gain some experience and to gain an understanding of what the other posts involve. These opportunities change from year to year and currently include:
    At Newcastle: facilitating small groups of medical/pharmacy students involved in an innovative IPL pilot in February/March. Contact for more information.
    At Durham (Queens Campus); early years Clinical Skills teaching as an Associate Clinical Skills tutor providing good experience under supervision. Contact for more info.

    CPD/ Training opportunities:
    Everyone involved in teaching on the Newcastle MBBS programme has access to our excellent Staff Development programme, which is free of charge. Sessions are advertised and can be booked online via the School of Medical Education website (, under ‘Continuing Professional Development’. New teachers are strongly advised to attend an ‘Induction for new clinical teachers’ session.
    All phase 1 GP Tutors have mandatory, paid training sessions during the year. Phase 2 teachers are invited to local ‘Teach the Teachers’ sessions that occur 2-3 times per year. These sessions are all free. The School of Medical Education also offers the excellent Certificate in Clinical Education for a fee (see, under ‘Clinical Education Programme’) although your GP tutor may be able to find some support.

    School of Medical Education
    August 2014

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    GP appraiser

    Many Sessional GPs work as GP appraisers, and there is regular recruitment and training to these roles. See the appraisal page for contacts of local area team and appraisal lead.

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    Other roles

    Many Sessional GPs also work locally in opthalmology, dermatology, benefits tribunals, occupational health, palliative care, musculoskeletal work (Connect) etc.
    The best way to find out about opportunities is to come and meet group members.

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